The celebration of Salvy Perez's power barrage continues with home runs ranked 40 through 36.
Today's entry is a collection of thoughts including the potential for downtown baseball, the lockout negotiations and the cancelation of FanFest.
It's a month late, but I reveal my ballot for the Royals Player and Pitcher of the Year. Along with an award for Special Achievement.
Honoring Salvy's power surge in the best way possible: A list. Today, home runs number 48 to 41.
The hot stove is on fire. The Royals are playing it cool.
The first in a series of articles examining free agent pitching that could fit for the Royals, the spotlight shines on the southpaw late of Toronto…
Detroit makes early moves, 2022 odds, Sinclair Broadcasting has some cash flow problems and a belated farewell to a former dominant closer.
The Royals are making moves and positioning themselves to add some young names to the 40-man roster ahead of an upcoming deadline.
Four Royals are nominated for defensive excellence. But the omission of Nicky Lopez at shortstop raises some questions.
The former first round selection is stepping away from the game after 10 years in the organization.
It's a power hitting edition of Into The Fountains with another honor coming Salvador Perez's way and a power hitting prodigy in the AFL.
The Royals complete the Duffy trade, Asa Lacy shoves and Salvy is on another award shortlist.