The veteran starter looks to alter the shape—and results—of his changeup, the Royals sign some depth for the outfield and they just keep laying waste to the Cactus League.
Let's break down a spring training ball game. What else do you have to do?
With the start of the Cactus League season, it's time to empty the notebook on thoughts from the first four games.
It's go time on a new season with new rules and, for the Royals, a new manager. And Brad Keller has a new curveball! It must be Opening Day in the…
Waters is an early injury casualty but the focus remains on the pitchers, charged with pounding the strike zone and how their catchers can help.
The PECOTA projections present a range of possibilities for the Royals, most of them not so great. What if everything went right in 2023?
Brady Singer loses in arbitration, Ned Yost wins in the Royals' Hall of Fame, Bally's Sports is going bankrupt and I'm feuding with John Cleese.
The Cactus League roster is set. Many familiar names are back, but there are a few new guys in the mix. Let's look at the work the Royals did this…
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