What is Into The Fountains?

This is a newsletter and website dedicated to the Kansas City Royals.

Who are you again?

I’m Craig Brown. You may remember me from such Royals websites as Royals Authority, Royals Review, Baseball Prospectus—Kansas City and even Warning Track Power. My work has also appeared at ESPN, Baseball Prospectus, The Hardball Times, Sports On Earth and Beyond The Boxscore. You can find me on Twitter at CraigBrown_BP.

Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

I get it. There are a ton of quality baseball sites out there. You see links, you click, you read. And there are a seemingly infinite number of links and a finite number of hours. So subscribing saves you the hassle. You also get the potential benefit of avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome from clicking so many of those darned links. Subscribe and the words just automatically appear in your mailbox. It’s magic!

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Fine. Tell me how much it costs.

Nothing! It’s free! Maybe at some point, I’ll ask for some cash (because it is nice to have a little compensation) but for now, all it costs is the time it takes you to click that button that says “Subscribe.”

Free, huh? What’s in it for me?

Knowledge, insight and unique angles about the Royals, hopefully.

But really, a newsletter?

I know. But since Baseball Prospectus changed ownership and iced the local websites, it feels like I’ve had this nomadic internet writing experience. It’s time to hang out my own virtual shingle and take some ownership once again. And I don’t have to worry about the overlap that can happen when you’re on a staff of 10. Neat!

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Craig Brown

A fifteen-year veteran of the blogs. Co-creator of Royals Authority. Former editor-in-chief of Royals Review and Baseball Prospectus-Kansas City. Contributor and assistant editor to seven Baseball Prospectus annuals.

Colby Wilson

Mr. Wilson's previous internet words can be found at Baseball Prospectus, BPKC (RIP), Thrillist and LetsGoPeay.com. He will never log off Twitter and lives there permanently @CWilson225.