A six-run lead going into the eighth inning should be safe. It wasn't on Sunday.
Terry Bradshaw is out as hitting coach and Alec Zumwalt and Mike Tosar are in as the Royals try to get the offense on track. Will they address pitching…
The Royals combined comedy and tragedy before rolling in the euphoria of the finale. It capped the extended roadtrip on a winning note.
The offense reverts to form as the Royals fall to 2-4 on their current road trip.
The scuffling man about the lineup has two hits and scores three runs as he leads the Royals' offensive explosion. Meanwhile the bullpen collectively…
Another lackluster performance from the Royals is all too familiar. It's May and the season is on the brink. Again.
A few reasons why the Royals offense is so poor to open the 2022 season. And maybe some hope.
It wasn't just the bats. There was quality pitching and some smooth defense. Sometimes, it just all comes together.
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Into The Fountains